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Why is a real directory of online travel planners?, what is it ?

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Why is, travel specialist, a real online directory of travel planners?

For a long time, travellers interested in creating their own customized trip were forced to find their trip organizer or guide on classic search engines. In these conditions and with a very large offer, it was difficult to see clearly and find the right person to trust. It was then necessary to create a single website where Internet users could easily find and consult various profiles of online travel planners.

Avoid the tourist traps, opt for local expertise and genuine experiences.

How to find a travel planner in the directory?

To find a travel planner that suits you, it is important to proceed step by step.

1. First of all, you need to look for a travel planner specialized in the destination that interests you.

2. Then, you have to narrow your search.

3. Then check out the different tailor-made travel ideas.

4. And finally create your personalized itinerary with your travel planner.

Search for a travel planner on a specific destination.

The 3 best ways to find the ideal travel planner are:

- Look for a destination that attracts you, then contact the travel creator proposing an idea, in order to personalize it: mountain or sea, relaxation or sport, the travel planners will know how to adapt to your desires.

- If you don't have any specific destination in mind, you can simply browse the different profiles of our travel planners. They are numerous and varied and you will find among them certified guides, hosts, expatriates or passionate travellers willing to make you discover their region or their city. They can create your stay from scratch according to your tastes and allow you to avoid the tourist traps by going off the beaten tracks.

- You can also browse through the online travel ideas and make your decision according to those. The travel suggestions are posted by the travel planners to give you an idea of their style and way of travelling. They highlight their own interests and reveal what king of traveller they are. travel designers are located all over the world, so you're sure to find the perfect match for you!

Narrow your search.

Whether you have selected a travel planner for his destination or for the content of his travel ideas, you must then sharpen your selection. By discussing with your travel creator, you will realize what is possible or not and the constraints of the destination to take into account. Your travel planner is a local expert, so he will be able to guide you and help you define your project.

Check out the different tailor-made holiday ideas.

You can browse through our 'travel ideas' section or view each travel planner's propositions through their profile. If you prefer to proceed by destination, you can also look up for a destination and read the travel tips that have been created for that same destination.

Customize your stay

You have two different options to create your personalized itinerary:

- Start with an existing travel plan: you have found a travel idea that you like and want to create your own trip based on this idea. In that case, you often don't have much personalization to ask to your travel planner and it's just a matter of adjusting some small things: adding a day here and there, changing two or three activities, switching hotels, etc...

- Ask your travel designer to create a trip based on your wishes. He will then create a tailor-made offer especially for you and based on your ideas.

You can browse through our 'travel ideas' section or view each travel planner's propositions through their profile.

Conclusion. is a directory where you can find a travel planner to plan the trip of your dreams. You can choose him by destination, theme or affinity and confide him a part of the organization of your trip or ask him to arrange it from A to Z. Choose an idea of trip that you like or share directly your thoughts with your travel planner. In any case, you will get a trip that looks just like you and you leave with total peace of mind.

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