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Who said traveling necessarily meant moving?

Traveling with your mind is possible!

Samarkand, Nantucket, Jaisalmer, Zanzibar... so many mythical destinations that have attracted travelers. This is a message for globe-trotters, explorers and discoverers that the virus of travel has touched one day and forever! No, don't limit your horizon because of the confinement, your senses remain alert, not to mention the mysterious power of evocation! Thanks to various podcasts and replays, you could find yourself on your way to Salvador de Bahia during your next insomnia...

This is a message for globe-trotters, explorers and discoverers that the virus of travel has touched one day and forever!

Through the radio

“So far, so close” that's the title of a radio program broadcasted on RFI every Sunday. It takes you to "see the world with your ears" following the basic idea which is to immerse the listener in a complete new universe. You are now teleported to Mafate, you do not know where it is? nothing surprising: you never hiked the misty ridges of La Reunion Island! Enjoying this experience, in the company of a guide, you can climb towards this eagle's nest perched at 2000 m of altitude. Along the way, you even wonder who might live there. This is when you learn that this place is a former slave refuge! “So far, so close” can also bring you to the Ulysses bookstore on Saint Louis Island in Paris or introduce you to the very select "Cargo Club" organized on Wednesdays for frequent travellers.  

Another unique radio experience is the France Inter program : "Le Temps d'un Bivouac", meaning "time for a bivouac", by Daniel Fievet. We could say that encounters make the journey and this would accurately reflect the spirit that is at the origin of this cultural program. The word is often entrusted to adventurers, navigators, artists or researchers. In turn, you will go for a walk with Raymond Depardon, Yves Coppens or Mélusine Mallender, an adventurer who linked Vladivostok by motorcycle! You will also follow the steps of a former ambassador, named Jean-Christophe Rufin, to the shores of the Caspian sea.  Together you will discover Baku and its Turkish fortress that Alexandre Dumas visited, the "Little Paris" so singular and the Soviet city. 

Through the press

Taking off from your living room is also possible through dedicated magazines! You will enjoy reading "A/R magazine", the travelling magazine which includes captivating texts, shows large format photos and gives a big place to road bookers! All the different aspects of tourism are covered, like architecture and more in-depth articles such as the one dedicated to the return to grace of night trains with new the Stockholm-Brussels connection. I also appreciate the focus on sustainable tourism and must admit that I have a soft spot for "Petaouchnok". This humorously tinted section deals with less popular or even improbable destinations such as Raja Ampat in New Guinea! On the contrary, "Tourista" section denounces those destinations that are too busy and have lost their soul.

Another magazine, born from the fertile imagination of backpackers who met in a Pakistani restaurant in Angers, published its first road books in 2007. Named "bouts du monde" or "Bits of the world", this travel magazine intends to bring a new look on the planet by mixing real life stories, testimonies or sketches. In the 37th issue, you will re-live the Omidvar brothers' odyssey in Iran and you will see how they were welcomed as heroes in Tehran after a 10 years travelling. In the news section, you will follow adventurous women in Zanskar, on board of the world's largest boat on Lake Tanganyika! Unless you prefer to learn more about the travelling cinema in Sikkim or the lost city of the Kalahari...

Through television

"Invitation au voyage" on Arte, french and german television channel, is a must-see program for travellers. In German the title refers to the original idea of presenting cities, countries and art. Three destinations are systematically honored in this daily program proposed by Linda Lorin. The views of Petra in Jordan are revealed to us on a zither background. The narrator attempts to resurrect the past: the caravaneers, the silks... He evokes Laurence of Arabia, who as a British liaison officer, in 1916, went to the Arab tribes to encourage a rebellion against the Ottomans, allies of Germany. The program can also take us in a bush-cab in Cameroun and introduce us to the people of the highlands who have nourished the culture of the country: the Bamilékés and the Bamouns. 

As for television, the channel called "Voyage" will delight you with programs such as "Fleur Australe" or "Southern Blossom" in english. This documentary series is named after the boat with which the navigator Philippe Poupon and his family travelled the oceans. In 2009, they set sail from La Rochelle, south of France, to reach Alaska via Cape Verde. In this program, we witness their whole trip following them on their arrival in New York by sea, or the passage through the Northwest. We can observe, totally dazzled, the ice of the North Pole! During the second trip, which takes us from the American coast to the Marquesas Islands and Tahiti, there are many beautiful encounters on the way. The children also lead exploration missions, indeed they don't learn life only with school books! All their observations will be used to draw up a report on the environment.

With zither in the background, we imagine the landscapes of Petra in Jordan.

In other words, you will be spoilt for choice to successfully enjoy your escape. I also invite you to discover some of the cult books that will help you get away from it all during the Christmas season...

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