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What is the best trip planner website?

Use the Vialala app to create and manage your customers' trips

Trip planners are the new travel agents. They use their experience, knowledge and skills to create vacations for their customers. The best website for trip planners is the internet platform to simultaneously create and book trips for their customers, and they need to get full liability and insurance coverage for every vacation they book their customers into as well. Which they don't have, except if they use the Vialala peer-to-peer travel platform.

The ideal trip planner website consists in an "all in one" tool that enables them to design and post their trip ideas and roadbooks, then customize them into quotes, and to manage the bookings, plus cover them insurance wise as well. When selling trip planning advice only, they usually get negative feedback from travelers who either can't get the same prices or services, and if something goes wrong during the trip, there's no insurance or guarantee of any kind. Only a limited number of travel agent "packaging apps" are able to offer the first part (back-office and suppliers, quote customization and roadbook edition). But they never offer full bookings and assistance service to the travel planners' customers. And of course none of them is free. But Vialala is.

The best travel creation and management website

The Vialala trip planning website has originally been created to address all travel planners' and tour designers' needs.

  • First by offering them a free to use tool to create and manage their trip designs and to customize quotes for their customers. It's free, simple to use and mobile-friendly;
  • The platform then offers promotion of one's activity;
  • and, yet more importantly full insurance and liability coverage for every trip and every service booked through our website. Which is key to any trip planner's business since more and more travelers are fed up with booking every service by themselves to get better prices.

As a result, the Vialala website offers all the features to create and manage trips, and enables its users to get bookings for their customers, and get paid for it. Then every booking is subject to a follow-up until the moment it has been delivered to the travelers, and theyr'e back home safe and sound. And using it is free since Vialala, just like the travel planners and tour designers of the community, earns money only from bookings (with a fair revenue sharing plan).

The website with the best business model

But it is the best trip planner website not only because of all these assets and features which definietely give Vialala an edge as far as travel planning tools are concerned. Its simple business model consists in sharing commissions revenues on all services, from plane to activities or car rentals, and it's fair and easy to understand. Buyt it's also the best trip planner website because it's an all in one travel solution with a lot of benefits on the customers' side as well. Customers get detailed and 100% customized roadbooks and trips, and they get the best prices, plus they're able to check every price and make sure they couldn't find the services any cheaper. At the end of the process, they get full coverrage, elective insurance offers, and a follow-up which includes 24 7 assistance all the way through and at every step until they are back from their holidays.

The best website to create and manage trips, and the best travel agency for both travel agents and travelers as well, Vialala really is the best trip planner website.

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