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Is Vialala the best travel planning software?

Travel creation software generally refers to either travel agency administration software, which allows to manage the supplier side, the quotes and the so-called "back-office" tasks of traditional travel agencies. Or they consist in specialized software, addressing a specific aspect of the business, for example booking services. In this case they are usually connected to hue professional services listings, including plane tickets, accommodations of all kinds, but also experiences and activities, ticketing, car rentals and more.

An all-in-one, free, software to create customized trips.

It is as useful for individuals as it is for travel professionals. Vialala is specifically developed by travel creators whose passion is to design tours and trips, for other travel creators. That's why it is, in our opinion, the best travel creation software.

And it does much more than that.

You occasionally organize trips for your friends? Or you're an experienced travel designer? You need a professional license? Read the briefing note on this subject

To begin with, the use of the Vialala travel design application is free. Yes, totally free!

You can build up your own tours and generate your personal road books. But you can also make your own quotes and book all the services with Vialala taking care of all the necessary travel documents for every booking. Moreover, we offer a Visa application service. That way, you don't have to worry about the administration issues which always arise.

As a tailor-made tours designer, you may not have professional liability (insurance), and nowadays travelers are reluctant to book services with no follow-up or delivery guarantee, among other things (they also more and more ask cancellation options and assistance through the whole process since they didn't want to handle changes, vouchers and refunds with their travel planner or the many reservations websites that have been used to make their bookings. This is why Vialala is not only a travel creation, customization and publication tool. It's an all in one travel agent toolkit and the Vialala platform and team secure every trip you create and sell. Indeed, Vialala has all the necessary licenses and insurances to guarantee tourist services worldwide. Each custom trip booked through the Vialala software ensures the customer a tailor-made travel contract, vouchers and tickets for every booking, and for every trip booked with us we send a travel insurance proposal. Then our operations and support staff follows up on every booking before and after departure, until successful delivery of the services booked by Vialala and the travel creators.

In other words, all service reservations (flights, accommodation, transportation, activities, etc.) are secured by Vialala. You just have to book them using the dedicated software. This is a great asset to be able to tell your customers how thanks to Vialala the travel creator is accompanied, at every step, by a structure whose part is to guarantee that everything goes well during your stay. On site, each service, from accommodation to pre-booked activities, will be waiting for travelers just as planned. And all of this is possible thanks to the 'Atout France' registration granted to Vialala in August 2017, and the dedication of our team.

You receive a commission on sales made within the platform.

But that's not all! You earn a commission on all the bookings made using the Vialala app. 100% of the platform's revenues come from these bookings, except travel planning fees. All commissions are shared equally between the travel creators and Vialala, according to the rules established within our software's service booking system. These rules ensure the transparency of the system. For each trip, an average of about 10% of the trip amount is paid back to travel creators. It makes up around 60% of the whole margin, since most trip planners get commissions and then sell their own trip planning or activity services, and in this case they get 90% of the amount of the service, not a commission.

Even better, by using the Vialala plateform as a travel designer, you get access to professional reservation centers through our software. It offers services from plane tickets to experiences, and other tickets and travel-related services at very competitive prices. These features are available as soon as you register. As a result, we offer our common customers great satisfaction seeing as all our travel creators benefit from those professional rates, proposing the best possible prices on the web.

Contrary to the majority of softwares accessible on the internet, we would like to remind you that Vialala is completely free.

You do not have to install anything! The software works just as well on your laptop as on your smartphone, using only your internet browser.

It's just very simple to use on a daily basis. The software can be used to begin a personalized travel business, aimed only at your family or friends to start with. In the long run, it can become a full-fledged professional activity as the revenue per trip can be significant. You will be able to sell trips on a regular basis.

The application is easy to understand. Its presentation is clear and straightforward, making it easy to create a tailor-made trip and offer it for sale.

An efficient and human support

Finally, our support is available and human. We do not use chatbots to communicate. This allows you to talk to a real person, listening to you and understanding your needs. The support team will always bring you the best solution as quickly as possible.

During their stay, your customers' requests are all treated by humans with the tailor-made approach you offered them before booking.

"Vialala was great to introduce us to Sylvia, and they were even better during the trip, since we had a few questions and unforeseen events, and we had to ask for advice and to make changes in our bookings a few times while we were on our roadtrip".

Travelers have access to personalized customer support. They can contact us anytime, before departure and during their trip as well. If they want to ask for a modification, have an unforeseen problem or simply have a question to ask, they can use their preferred means of communication, from WhatsApp to Messenger or simple phone call and they can reach us anytime. Once back home, our common customers have more contacts with us since we ask them for their feedback on their tailor-made trips, and of course they post reviews on their travel planner's job.

Additional guarantees

To us, Vialala is the best trip creation software. It is technically powerful, unlimited and 100% free of charge, while guaranteeing trips and support to both organizers and travelers. On the customer side, there is no need to spend hours searching for the best prices from an endless amount of different suppliers, without having professional access to bookings. When they use Vialala's travel creation software, tour designers and travelers both benefit from professional reservation platforms and have access to the best available online prices, without having to use many different providers. When they ask Vialala and its team of travel designers to help them create and manage their trips, customers have access to one-stop shopping and personalized customer support. We bring them 24 7 assistance throughout the preparation of their trip, and of course during their vacation.

Thanks to Vialala, our team can also take care of all tasks in relation to a change of booking or unforeseen events. This tailor-made service for the customer, both when designing the trip and during its course, is one of the most important benefits of the Vialala app. It is the moment when travel designers can really make a difference. We offer a powerful and free travel creation tool which includes revenue sharing and administration, offering ultra-competitive prices for travelers, and a customized service guaranteed to both travel creators and their customers. Thanks to all these assets, Vialala is the indispensable travel app for all tour creators and their customers alike.

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