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Discover Europe tailored to your needs.

Enjoy unforgettable experiences close to home.

Why Europe?

Tailor-made travel design in Europe is one of the most requested services by travellers. Whether it's with family, friends or solo, luxury or cheap, customized trip designers know that Europe is a great place to explore. Visiting Europe via a personalized trip is a way for you to travel close to home while feeling just as exotic as if you were on the other side of the planet.

Europe is a great place to explore.

You will find an amazing variety of landscapes: from the amazing forests of Eastern Europe to the Mediterranean beaches, through the mountainous massifs of Italy and France, there is something for everyone!

How to design your tailor-made holiday in Europe?

Nowadays, there are several ways to customize your trip. The first one is the tailor-made holiday through travel agencies. This is still a very expensive type of travelling and not so personalized. The second method is to create your own trip on the internet. Online, there is a plethora of offers helping you to customize and entirely choose the different steps of your holidays. However, lacking the local knowledge can lead you to wrong choices. You are more likely to make bad deals or to miss something without even realizing it.

You can also rely on travel creators, or travel coaches, also called travel consultants, on the internet, but you will not be able to book your trip at the same time. You will have to book each service yourself thanks to the advice provided by your travel coach. This is comes in handy. On our website, you have access to a directory of custom travel designers who can make all the reservations for you, saving you this laborious work.

What destinations do travel planners operate on? offers a new model of customized travel, trying to combine the best of all worlds. Our travel planners are locals who know the best tips of the destination you are going to. Either because they live there or because they know it well. These travel coaches are at your disposal to help you create your personalized trip with the possibility for you to book everything through the same platform. You will not need to book each service yourself. These travel planners are often solicited when creating personalized trips in Europe. Europe is indeed a vast playground with all kinds of landscapes: from the fjords of Norway to the turquoise waters of Greece, from the forests of Lapland to the plains of Germany and the mountains of Bulgaria.

Some destinations are more accessible than others, either financially or geographically. But overall, Europe remains a destination of proximity for French people and has something to satisfy all types of travellers. Some countries in Europe are still unpopular destinations but are full of natural and architectural wonders. Slovenia, for example, is one of these destinations that still welcomes few tourists.

Where to go in summer?

Some destinations are also to be preferred according to the season you plan to go there. In summer, head to Greece, Spain or Portugal to enjoy the seaside. If you prefer a cooler destination, the rainy Ireland and its neighboring United Kingdom are great destinations to get off the beaten tracks. If you are a fan of hiking, wide open spaces or road trip, Eastern Europe is the place to be. Croatia, Albania, Slovakia or Georgia, for example, are inexpensive destinations that will satisfy your desires.

Some destinations are also to be preferred according to the season you plan to go there. In summer, head to Greece, Spain or Portugal to enjoy the seaside.

Where to go in winter?

In winter, enjoy the snowy plains and fjords of Scandinavia. Sweden, Finland and Norway will allow you to go on an adventure with your family or as a couple, to go sledding or kayaking in the middle of breathtaking white landscapes. Not in the mood for snow? No problem! You can head to Spain or Portugal to enjoy the culture and gastronomy of these countries taking advantage of milder temperatures.

We insure your journey

Whether you choose your destination in Europe according to the season, the activity you want to practice or the people you are going with, you will get a trip tailored to your needs thanks to our travel planners specializing in hundreds of destinations. Leave in absolute peace with We take care of all the reservations you wish to make. However, you also have the freedom not to plan certain parts of your trip, to leave room for spontaneity and the unexpected, while still having the possibility to ask your travel organizer for advice on what to do, if you are out of ideas., like all custom travel agencies, offers you all the guarantees of the Atout France registration so that you can leave with complete peace of mind.

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