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Definition of customized travelling

About tailor-made trips

What is customized travelling?

What is a tailor-made trip? It is a trip entirely personalized according to the needs and desires of the traveller.

It is not just a travel/accommodation package with an all-inclusive pension. Tailor-made travels allow you to freely choose all the services of your vacation, both accommodation and transportation, but also activities and experiences, including cultural, gastronomic or exploration of the great outdoors.

We offer the help of independent specialists and local experts to create and organize your own tailor-made trip.

In English, “tailor-made travel” means a trip specially “tailored” for you, just like a suit that would fit you perfectly, comfortable and adjusted to your morphology.

Custom-made travel can be experienced as a couple, as a family, with friends, in a group or solo. We can alternate roaming and relaxing stops, on a road trip or backpacking mode, or simply by exploring around a main accommodation.

The tailor-made trip is a combination of open spaces exploration and city trips, trekking and diving, but also cultural itineraries that alternate nature, cultural visits and sports for the greatest happiness of all. It can also be a solo or group trip, with a private guide if you wish to be leaded.

  1. In order to prepare your customized journey, you have to start by asking yourself the right questions about your own needs, desires and constraints:
  • Are you going on a holiday as a couple, with your family, a bunch of friends, with a group or alone?
  • Are you leaving in order to relax? To discover another culture? To get a change of scenery in a small paradise? To meet new friends? For all these reasons at the same time?
  • Are you rather mobile, or even roaming (roadtrip, backpacking)? Or on the contrary do you prefer to explore around a main base (family vacations, idleness, retreat…)?
  • Are you rather limited by your budget, or ready to spend more on certain services?
  • Luxury, authenticity, immersion: what unique experience are you looking for?
  1. The second step is to start planning your stay. Without the help of an expert on your destination, organizing your customized trip online can be time stressful, money and time consuming. We advise you to get some help in order to benefit from the good addresses of the connoisseurs, avoiding yourself to fall in tourist traps. Want to sleep in a little local hotel? Discover a small typical restaurant? No problem! Our objective is precisely to bring these thematic specialists and local experts together in order to make you meet while organizing your route.
  2. Once you are in contact with one of our travel planners, share with him or her the elements that will best guide him or her to help you create the tailor-made trip of your dreams, adapted to your expectations and desires. Let him or her know what you think is essential and what you would rather avoid. This dialogue will allow you to obtain a trip that is exclusively tailored to your needs, which we will book for you. Ask any questions you feel are necessary: weather, dress code, visa, vaccinations, off the beaten track tours, local experiences, etc.
  3. Once your custom trip is booked, our network of independent travel agents will be the operator of your trip and will guarantee you the same insurances, including repatriation coverage, as a traditional travel agency. We remain in charge of all the services and are responsible for the proper execution of these services with respect to all our travellers.

Create your own customized trip.

The ideal is to have access to the most authentic experience. In order to do this, turn to a custom travel designer who speaks your language, shares your interests, and shapes your trip with you according to your desires, by selecting the best providers thanks to his knowledge of the field. He will then book all these services so that all you have to do is leave with a complete peace of mind. The online offers presented to travellers on Internet is usually overwhelming and does not allow travellers to easily plan ahead. This is why we think travel organization assistance is the future of online travel planning.

But if you lack neither time nor patience, you can also plan your trip by yourself, but without on-site support. However, be careful not to make a mistake in your choices! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to benefit from the advice of our travel specialists. It’s the same price as when you book all the services yourself.

The last possibility is to opt for an all-inclusive package, which offers little space for personalization. It also means, no tips from our local customized travel experts.

A good travel designer is a tourism professional, expatriate or frequent traveller, who knows a destination well and is able to offer you personalized stays in countries he knows by heart. He has a lot of tips that he can share with you and as a result create an adventure adapted to your desires. He is able to adapt to any request thanks to his knowledge of the country and his solid service provider network. He is passionate about travel and wants to provide you with the most complete experience, meeting your highest expectations. He can also greet you in person when on site if you wish to, or can be himself an Airbnb host or personal guide including therefore his services in the organization of your stay.

The price of a customized holiday is variable. It depends on the number of participants and the duration of your vacation, the destination and the type of accommodation you wish to choose.

Tailor-made travel means choosing to travel on a “low budget”, “eco-friendly”, “adventurous” or “luxury” mode, or to alternate levels of comfort and mobility. It is up to you to define your limits. You can also pre-defined a budget before your holiday, and have the total freedom to offer yourself “extras” along your stay if you wish so.

Creating your customized trip with an independent trip planner will not be more expensive than if you did it on your own. Indeed, the travel designers and the platform are paid through commissions negotiated directly with the providers while the final price for the traveller remains unchanged. Only the planner’s consulting service constitutes a possible additional cost, compensated by the lowest prices that our network guarantees on most of the services offered at the time of booking.

Because all our trips are tailor-made, our displayed prices are only estimates: the price of your trip can vary according to the personalization of your offer, both in terms of services and calendar (beware, prices vary a lot with the approach of high seasons!).

You are spoilt for choice! You can hunt for good deals on airline tickets to choose your destination: a city break in all the capitals of Europe, a gateway in wide open spaces, there are many opportunities to plan your trip by taking advantage of the cheapest airline tickets.

Very often, you benefit from the experiences of those around you and from sharing thoughts on social networks in order to choose a place that matches with what you want to do: cultural capitals, seaside resorts, wide open spaces, countryside or mountain, etc. Seasons also frequently determine your final choice. Moreover, depending on the time and budget you have for your holiday, you are forced to choose more or less distant destinations. But in the absolute, the sky is the only limit, from a trip around the world to the nearest city trip!

When you travel with a travel operator registered in France, you have all the guarantees of a travel agency thanks to the “Atout France” label. You benefit, in particular, from repatriation insurance and the legal responsibility of the agency for all the services sold, except those “to be paid on the spot” which are bought outside the main contract, by the traveller.

In addition to the serenity provided by the travel contract which allows you to be taken care of by a single supplier, an operator of independent travel organizers, such as us, offers you the same guarantees as a classic travel agency. You don’t benefit from the same services when you book each stages of your vacation yourself with receptive suppliers or when you trust an unregistered organization.

Without any precise knowledge of your destination on the spot, you need help to design and plan your trip online. Our trip planners are the ideal specialists to prepare your stay in a friendly and totally transparent way. We will then book the services you have chosen – transportation, accommodation, activities and experiences – and will give you tips to benefit from good deals on site: in restaurants or bars for example.

You can also create your own customized trip online with independent trip creators (without all the contractual guarantees provided by registered travel operators), or completely by yourself.

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