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Culinary getaways.

Treat yourself with a gastronomic journey!

Which countries for which dishes?

If you're adventurous, you'll be able to taste hundreds of atypical dishes during your travels! In South Korea, on the streets, you can buy a glass of...silkworms! And if you want to eat them later, you can always go and buy a full can of them at the nearest supermarket. In that part of the globe, you will also have the opportunity to taste still alive octopus tentacles or dried ray. On the other side of the world, in Peru, some llama meat, alpaca meat or even guinea pig meat awaits you.

In South Korea, on the streets, you can buy a glass of...silkworms

But don't worry! These countries are famous for their gastronomy as much as for the strange dishes they offer. In Peru, you'll find 2,500 of the world's 4,000 kinds of potatoes and 36 different varieties of corn. In South Korea, kimchi, a fermented cabbage with excellent health properties, will delight your taste buds just as their beef and pork barbecues deliciously marinated.

Why go on a culinary trip?

Food is essential to life and necessary to survive, no matter where you are. Aliments change from one region of the world to another, depending on the climate and the agricultural work of man, which is why tastes, textures and colors can vary enormously. Because of its importance, food has become preponderant in every single culture on the planet. Sometimes mystical and ritualistic, sometimes a symbol of luxury or poverty, it accompanies our days and has given birth to what is today called gastronomy. Whether you just want to try new flavors or you want to learn how to cook differently,  we have put together on this page some very special offers!

Learn how to cook your favorite dishes!

Have you ever been trying to figure out what to cook for dinner and thought about the empanadas from the Argentinean restaurant you tasted last week and lament the fact that you have no idea what ingredients they are made of? We have! To remedy this problem, we propose you to go on a culinary trip. Straight to the source, learn how to cook your favorite dishes in their country of origin, so that you come home and impress your friends with your extensive knowledge of foreign cuisine.

What destinations to choose for a culinary trip?

Gastronomy has many faces depending on the continent, the culture you discover and the people you meet. It is closely linked to the natural resources that are present on a territory, refined by the culinary techniques of the people who live there. Therefore, on a coastline or on an island, specialities will mainly be composed of fish. In countries rich in spices, like India, the food will be very spicy and wherever the conditions are appropriate to cultivate a certain ingredient, you will find this same ingredient almost everywhere under various forms. In Peru for example, you will find potatoes in nearly all dishes, just like rice in Asia. If you like rice, go to Asia. If you like spicy food, I recommend India. If you like whiskey, Scotland and Ireland are for you. If you prefer wine head to France, Argentina, Chile or Portugal. To each taste its destination!

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