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A trip to Costa Rica

Reconnect with nature

Some travelers who globetrotted around the world come to Costa Rica in search of the Pura Vida…

It is a no-brainer that this country located north of the Panama Canal is most advanced country of Central America. Firstly, it is the safest place to be without having a regular army, secondly it preserved its environment. Among a nature made of steamy volcanoes, eerie wildlife of the savanna, dense forests of the jungle, you will encounter biodiversity of all sorts. Be ready to meet toucans, quetzals, sloths, or butterflies…  For those who seek adventure, the array of activities is large from hiking arduous parks trails, to doing some whitewater rafting or even sleeping in an open-air tree top home...

Some travelers who globetrotted around the world come to Costa Rica in search of the Pura Vida…

San Jose

Since you landed in San Jose, why not pay a visit to the capital of Costa Rica? If you’d like to visit only one museum, I recommend you pick the Museum of pre-Columbian Gold which will entertain you during a couple of hours. Not only does it host a collection of gold coins or a warrior wearing gold ornaments, but it also has a replica of a tomb. Excavated on a banana plantation in the 50s, it contained no less than 88 gold objects! To make your visit complete, make sure you sample tasty chocolate at the Central market. Last of all, on your way back look up at the classical building of the National Theater.

The Poás whose

Start your trip by stepping inside a volcano, the Poás whose last eruption dates back to 2009. Once there you will be captivated by the 1,5 km- wide crater filled with emerald waters. As the volcano is surrounded by the rainforest, in order to make the most of your visit, you may hire a guide. He will show you around and you ‘ll make a stop at the nearby waterfall of La Paz and at a biological reserve hosting some coatis, frogs or American crocodiles … In addition, you may consider a coffee tasting, imagine the scent of a freshly roasted coffee…


Navigate on board of a local boat to the village of Tortuguero. Unless you get on a lancha, a motorboat, you won’t access this village hidden in the jungle. Renowned for its black sand beach, it is a hidden gem and I suggest you rent a kayak to glimpse the many species present on the spot: caimans, monkeys or sloths. Moreover, this area is a home to turtle tortoises which come here to nest. In order to learn more about the green tortoises, head to the Sea turtle Conservancy visitors Center!

Monteverde biological reserve

What do you prefer, a hanging bridge, a zipline or a Tarzan swing? For those who are more into extreme, there is a plethora of fun activities at the Monterverde biological reserve.  Crossing the hanging bridge is an adrenaline-filled experience as you are above 60 meters from the ground. Besides the ziplining in the cloud forest gives you the sensation of gliding like Superman... Regarding the swing, you will jump from tree to tree on vines. If you are most interested in birdwatching, that’s not an issue:  there are over 400 bird species on the spot not to mention the reptiles and amphibians or snakes …  

Manuel Antonio National Park

Do you feel like taking a dip in the Pacific Ocean along Manuel Antonio National Park ? According to Forbes 2011 ranking it belonged to the 12 most beautiful national parks worldwide. Afew miles off the coast you might sight whales and dolphins as well! Tucked away in the jungle this national park boasts a fantastic biodiversity. Discover the park on a raft or following some hiking trails. For nature-lovers, nothing compares with these colonies of pelicans or white-faced Capuchin monkeys on spot.

Nicoya Gulf

Surfing and snorkeling in the Nicoya gulf. I won’t struggle for reasons to make you visit this untouched land. First of all, the coco beaches are famous for diving and snorkeling with tourists and locals. Don’t hesitate to come back to this spot at sunset while the sun is sinking. Moreover, you will bump into surfing schools in Nosara. However, you can just laze about under the palm trees of Playa Carillo or practice some yoga on the sand. For those who affectionate local food, try some ceviche at Locoslocos!

Corcovado National Park

Corcovado National Park turns out to be one of the most secluded and thus best- preserved place to experience wildlife in Costa Rica. After going down the river Sierpe on a lancha, you will be shown around by a naturalist. In this wetland you will glimpse jaguars, howling monkeys or toucans. If you are travelling with teens, one good option is to explore a national park on horseback. Last of all you may consider a trip to the superb islandof la Cano whose coral reefs are best to be seen during the dry season.    

Corcovado National Park turns out to be one of the most secluded and thus best- preserved place to experience wildlife in Costa Rica.

Cerro Chirripo

Climb on the Cerro Chirripo or the “land of eternal waters”.Welcome to the highest mountain in Costa Rica with peaks reaching over 3, 800 m. The latter constitute sky islands for one hundred species such as anteaters. The climbing is geared to hikers; you will sleep ina refuge, make your way through the dense forest or hike arduous trails. Nonetheless, once at the top the peaks offer on a clear day a glimpse of both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea!   

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