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A holiday in Dubrovnik…

Welcome to the capital of Croatia !

Seeking a new European destination? Croatia! The last country to be incorporated to the EU is arguably the best spot for sailing. The horseshoe- shaped country that faces the Adriatic boasts a biodiversity and is as such part of the European Natura 2000 network.


Dubrovnik is a must-visit city for first timers. The city was rebuilt after the Yugoslavian war of 1993 in an accurate manner and got its luster back. You will walk on paving blocks of marble that glimmer at sunset...

Buza bar and Lovrinjac fortress


Walking up the arduous stairs of the medieval city walls takes some effort thus avoid the midday heat. Nonetheless your effort may be paid off once you reach the local institution: the Buza Bar. Leaning against the hillside, set up on rocks, it overlooks the sea.


Then wander up to the Lovrijnac Fortress where a magnificent chapel is housed. If you happen to be a fan of the series of Game of Thrones, this place will look familiar. Generally speaking, the old town of Dubrovnik served as a set to the famous town of Port Real.

The Strandun


Although touristy it is, the main street, commonly known as the Strandun is bustling with life. Wishing to get away from the hordes of tourists? Then take backstreets and treat yourself to a local sugar pastry, the mantala which will remind you of Italy!

The Cathedral and monasteries

Undoubtedly you will pass by the Cathedral of Assumption rebuilt in a baroque style. It is a no-brainer that Dubrovnik has much sacred art, thus head to the Rector Palace- the former head of government. This gothic and Renaissance construction hosts a history museum.


Inside the Dominican Monastery, you will find yourself in presence of a collection of art dating back to the 15th century among which you will spot a crucifix painted by Veneziano.


However, may favorite is the Franciscan Monastery located at the beginning of the Stradun because it has an old pharmacy, a vast library and a cloister offering a huge contrast to the hectic city.

Enjoy the view


Finally get on the cabin to take in the scenery from the SRD mount. On clear days, you might catch a glimpse of the island of Lokrum and Bosnia. Walk down the hill to snap some great shots and enjoy the flora: cypresses, laurel, orchids … 


Did you know the Croatian riders used to wear a piece of cloth? The Court of Versailles adopted the custom and so it became the actual tie.


A survival kit:

Hello: dobro jutro

Good-bye: Dovidenja

Thank you: Hvala

Da/ne: Yes/no

Excuse-me: Oprostite

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